HUM 218 - HUM 219 (LA, EC)

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture from the Renaissance to the Modern Period: History, Philosophy, Religion, Literature and the Arts

Esther Schor (English), coordinator, Jeff Dolven (English), Daniel Garber (Philosophy), Michael Gordin (History), Chloë Kitzinger (Slavic), Carolina Mangone (Art and Archaeology)

This team-taught double credit course examines European texts, works of art and music from the Renaissance to the modern period. Readings, lectures, and discussions are complemented by films, concerts, museum visits and special events.

It is the second half of an intensive interdisciplinary introduction to Western culture that includes history, religion, philosophy, literature and the arts. Although most students will have taken 216 – 217, it is possible for freshmen and sophomores to join at this point.


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