Johannes Haubold

Professor of Classics




158 East Pyne Building


I am interested in the literatures of ancient Greece, Rome and Babylon, and in the interactions between them. My research initially focused on Homer (Homer’s People, CUP 2000; Homer: The Resonance of Epic, Duckworth 2005; Homer: Iliad VI, CUP 2010, the latter two jointly with Barbara Graziosi) and I continue to work on early Greek epic, especially in relation to other branches of classical culture such as ancient philosophy (Plato and Hesiod, ed. with George Boys-Stones, OUP 2010, Chinese translation ecnupress 2016).

Haubold is co-teaching HUM 247, Near Eastern Humanities I: From Antiquity to Islam in the Fall of 2022 with Daniel Sheffield. He previously taught Near Eastern Humanities I in the Fall of 2019 and Fall of 2021 and Creation Stories: Babylonian, Biblical and Greek Cosmogonies Compared in the Spring of 2019.

See full bio on the Classics Department’s website.

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