Monique Claiborne

Class of 2017

I’m a proud member of the Class of 2017, hailing from Opelousas, Louisiana.

On campus I’m involved diSiac Dance Company, Princeton Faith and Action, Orange Key, Scholars Institute Fellows Program, and I am a Writing Center Fellow.

I love the interdisciplinary nature of the humanities where there is room to exercise creativity. I especially enjoyed this aspect of Philosophy of Art (PHI/HUM/COM 326) taught by Alexander Nehamas, and History of New Orleans (HIS/AAS/URB 456) taught by Joshua Guild. I am concentrating in Philosophy and pursuing a certificate in American Studies, which challenges me to think more critically of the environment that I’ve taken for granted as am American citizen. I knew that I would major in Philosophy after I read over my final paper for Introduction to African American Cultural Practices (AAS 201)–a social science course by nature–and told myself, “This is a philosophy paper.“ I like to think that Philosophy chose me, because this discipline reflects the way I naturally approach material and process information. I have developed a passion for aesthetics, and I plan to focus on the Philosophy of Film in American cinema.

My experience in the Plato in Berlin program, a summer study abroad opportunity under the instruction of Benjamin Morison, was crucial in contributing to my interest in the study of beauty. The program consisted of a seminar during the summer before my junior year at Humboldt University in Berlin, where we studied the philosophy of mathematics, knowledge and art in Plato’s Republic, coupling our studies with historical tours of a culturally rich city. This experience was possible with the help of funding from the Office of International Programs.

Be looking for me in the next Disiac Dance Company show!