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The Humanistic Studies Program is supported by the Humanities Council.

The Humanistic Studies Certificate Program is designed for students from all divisions–natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and the humanities–who want to forge meaningful connections with another field. Students are invited to create their own bridges across disciplines, illuminating one field with approaches, questions and insights of another.

While concentrating in a home department, they will design a curriculum that links one or more fields which can enrich their work. In this pursuit, they will join a lively community of faculty and students, who meet regularly for discussion, lectures, colloquia, meals and cultural activities. The word “interdisciplinary” is often used; this program will provide explicit practice in bridging fields.

While student trajectories will be individually designed in collaboration with faculty members, participants will share many common experiences. They will come together for a team-taught capstone seminar that explores one topic from myriad vantage points. Throughout their Princeton careers, they will be part of a vibrant group of scholars.

Kathleen Crown, Executive Director

Kathleen Crown

Executive Director, Humanities Council

Stephanie Lewandowski

Stephanie Lewandowski

Program Manager, Humanistic Studies