The Program in Humanistic Studies brings together students from all divisions–natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and the humanities–and allows them to forge meaningful connections between different fields of study.

The Program is home to:

  • the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture (‘HUM Sequence’), an intensive, interdisciplinary year-long introduction to the Western intellectual tradition;
  • the East Asian Humanities, a year-long introduction to the literature, art, religion and philosophy of China, Japan and Korea from antiquity to ca. 1400;
  • the Near Eastern Humanities, a year-long introduction to the works of literature, politics, ethics, aesthetics, religion, science, art, and material culture from antiquity to the 20th century;
  • the Certificate in Humanistic Studies, a certificate program which allows students to build bridges between their home discipline and other disciplines, illuminating one field with the insights and approaches of another;
  • the Humanities Mentorship Program, which allows students to connect with both current students in the Humanistic Studies Certificate Program and alumni of the Humanities Sequence to receive academic guidance and advice.

The Program offers its students opportunities for international travel, research and project funding, and interdisciplinary discussion groups.

Kathleen Crown, Executive Director

Kathleen Crown

Executive Director, Humanities Council

Stephanie Lewandowski

Stephanie Lewandowski

Program Manager, Humanistic Studies

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