Princeton Preview 2018: Welcome, Class of 2022!

March 28, 2018
Join our current faculty and students who will answer questions about the courses

Princeton Preview gives newly admitted students to the Class of 2022 and their families an opportunity to sample the University’s academic, residential and social offerings. The annual hosting program will be held on Monday and Tuesday April 9 and 10 and  April 16-17.

This year the Humanities Council will host the following events:

Explore the Humanities in East Asia

Learn about the East Asian Humanities Sequence, HUM/EAS 233-234, a two-semester set of courses that will introduce you to the traditional and contemporary cultures of China, Japan, and Korea. The sequence fulfills distribution requirements as well as a requirement for the East Asian Studies certificate and major. Study important works of East Asian literature, religion, philosophy, and film, and explore the relevance of East Asian traditions in the modern world. Taught by faculty specialists in China, Japan, and Korea.

Monday, April 9, 11:30 am -12:30 pm

McCosh 66

Everything You Always Wanted to Know (about the Humanities Sequence) Learn about the Humanities Sequence and its interdisciplinary approach to Western culture. HUM216-219 is an intensive, double-credit, year-long program that fulfills four distribution requirements. Study the landmark achievements of the Western intellectual tradition in a global context, with a team of faculty drawn from across the humanities and social sciences.

Monday, April 9, and Monday, April 16, 2:30-3:30 pm

McCormick 106

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