How to Be Human: Interdisciplinary Humanities in Quarantine

November 18, 2020
A screenshot of a "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture" precept. Photo: Gabe Robare, The Daily Princetonian

In a November 16, 2020 article in The Prospect section of The Daily Princetonian, Gabriel Robare ’24, a student of “Interdisciplinary Approach to Western Culture” (HUM216-219), writes extensively about the unique community formed each year by the faculty and students of this year-long sequence offered by the Program in Humanistic Studies. Speaking to Professors Yelena Baraz and Denis Feeney, who are Behrman Professors in the Humanities Council, the article stresses that the study of humanities has a significant role to play in addressing the social and political disruptions of today. Over the course of the semester, students have opened discussions about racial and social implications of the texts and how, alongside science, the humanities can steer us in these time of crisis and teach us how to be human.

Read the full story in The Daily Princetonian.

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