Filmmaker Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi ’00 Reflects on Humanities Sequence in Princeton Alumni Weekly

April 17, 2024

Five Princeton alumni working in film were asked to give advice to current students and recent graduates hoping to break into the industry, in a March story for Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi ’00, discussed the impact the Humanities Sequence “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture” had on her career trajectory.

“Artists have to be able to articulate [themselves] and [their] ideas. I took the HUM (humanities) sequence, and I still think back to (comparative literature professor) Robert Fagles’ class where we read his translations,” she said. “I return to those classics often. All the literature I studied at Princeton was really valuable. It’s ingrained in my mind, my brain, my heart.”

Read the full story in the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Learn more about the Humanities Sequences on the Program in Humanistic Studies website.

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