HUM 417 / ART 408 / CEE 415 / HLS 417

Historical Structures: Ancient Architecture’s Materials, Construction and Engineering

Branko Glisic and Samuel Holzman

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This course investigates ancient architecture beyond the disciplinary boundaries of Art History and Civil Engineering. Students will master relevant elements of structural engineering to solve problems underlying the realization of large structures, including their design, materials, and construction. Students will also historically contextualize architecture, including the technological developments, sociological aspects, and aesthetic underlying these monuments. Course projects are based on collaborative group work. In fall 2024, this course will focus on the architecture of ancient Greece, including a planned trip to Athens.

Rising Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores may apply to enroll in this course which is limited to 15 students. 

Applications will be accepted until the course is closed; for full consideration, please submit your application by April 22. 

View this course on the Registrar’s website.

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