HUM 470 / MUS 470 / CLA 470

Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: Abandoned Women

Denis Feeney and Wendy Heller

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This team-taught interdisciplinary seminar will trace the fates of a series of abandoned women in ancient literature, interweaving their story with responses in operatic and musical formats from the modern world. The seminar will investigate why this theme is so prominent in both the ancient and modern traditions, and it will concentrate on how opera transforms the plots and characters of drama and narrative.

Rising Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores may apply to enroll in this course which is limited to 12 students. 

Applications will be accepted under the course is closed; for full consideration, please submit by April 12. 

Please check out a video introduction of the course!

View this course on the Registrar’s website.

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