Application for the Minor in Humanistic Studies

Students in the Class of 2025 and beyond may apply below for a minor in humanistic studies. For more information about the minor, please visit our website.

    As a prerequisite to entering the minor program, students must take at least one “Humanities Sequence” course, whether HUM 216, 217, 218, or 219 (Western Humanities); HUM 247 or 248 (Near Eastern Humanities); or HUM 233 or 234 (East Asian Humanities). Please list the course you have taken – or are currently enrolled in this semester, that will fulfill this pre-requisite.

    List any additional courses that you have already completed, or are currently enrolled in this semester, that might fulfill the remaining four course requirements. Please include course number, title, semester, and instructor(s).

    Please list any HUM courses, HUM or CDH crosslists, or other explicitly interdisciplinary courses. Please note that you will need two courses at the 300- or 400-level.

    Please describe, in a paragraph, how joining the program in Humanistic Studies and pursuing a minor in this community fits into your goals at Princeton and beyond.

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