Alexander Robinson

German, Class of 2018

Hi! My name is Alexander Robinson, member of the Illustrious Class of 2018 and Tenor 2 in Princeton’s signature all-male a cappella group, the Tigertones.

My interest in the humanities, as the word may suggest, is rooted in the study of human communities and how these communities choose to express themselves via language, culture, literature and the arts.

Having grown up between South Africa and Kenya, I have witnessed the humanities’ unique ability to connect people cross-culturally and to facilitate mutual understanding; and while participating in Princeton’s 9-month, service-based Bridge Year Program in Salvador, Brazil, I mastered my first foreign language and became obsessed with the role of language in shaping the human experience.

This passion for communication is manifest in my decision to major in German and to pursue certificates in Portuguese, European Cultural Studies, and, naturally, Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities. Only having begun German my freshman fall, I never thought that 18 months later I’d have studied abroad in Munich for the summer and be slated to study abroad again in Berlin this spring. Such are the opportunities the humanities afford!

Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows

Humanistic Studies Certificate Student

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