Annabel Barry

English, Class of 2019

Annabel Barry

I’m an English major with a certificate in Theater.

Role(s) held in the Humanistic Studies Program:

Certificate Student, Student Mentor

Activities on campus:

Essay Editor at the Nassau Literary Review, set designer at the Lewis Center for the Arts and Theatre Intime, tutor at the Petey Greene Program, Undergraduate Research Fellow at the Bobst Center for Peace and Justice


Class of 1883 English Prize for Academic Freshmen (2015โ€“16)

Why I decided to study the humanities:

The humanities have always been my first love. And, at Princeton, I found that studying the humanities made me feel the most fulfilled. In my humanities courses, I am constantly expected to come up with entirely new ideas that actually contribute to the existing academic conversation, whether I am writing course essays or just participating in precept. This can be mentally exhausting, but it is ultimately more satisfying to me than coming up with an objective answer to a problem set.

What I have gained from the humanities:

Studying the humanities at Princeton has made me a fuller human. I have a greater appreciation for those words, images, problems, and intellectual traditions that we possess in common. I have less of a regard for firm interdisciplinary boundaries. I’ve also found a community, including my role models and closest friends, in the humanities.

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