Avi Siegal

Philosophy, Class of 2022

I am a Philosophy major pursuing certificates in Arabic Language and Culture, European Cultural Studies, French Language and Culture, German Language and Culture and Judaic Studies

Role(s) held in the Humanistic Studies Program:

Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows

Activities I participate in on campus:

Human Values Forum, Jubilee: Princeton’s Journal of Jewish Thought and Expression, Center for Jewish Life Student Board, Princeton Geniza Lab, Petey Greene Program, Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows

What I have gained from studying the Humanities:

Like many people, I intensely want to attain self-understanding—of myself, of our society, of our species. I’m concentrating in philosophy in order to attempt that in a fairly direct and explicit manner. Over time, though, it’s become crystal clear to me that self-understanding demands the study of sundry disciplines like history, politics, law, literature, religion, and anthropology. In short, the humanities on the whole are the path to self-understanding. To study that and call it “school”? Amazing.

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