Claire Ashmead

History, Class of 2017

I am a member of the Class of 2017 hailing from Cleveland, Ohio.

I am a Writing Coordinator for the Princeton Triangle Club, actor in French theatre troupe l’Avant Scène, prison tutor for Petey Green, and staff writer for Princeton’s first late-night talk show, All-Nighter.

Two of my favorite courses at Princeton include the Humanities Sequence and Chinese Art in the Century of Revolution (ART 352), a seminar focused on the development of art in China under a Communist regime. I am concentrating in Intellectual History with certificates in Humanistic Studies, East Asian Studies, and Creative Writing. I am interested in the intersection between the East and West, and above all how every “fact” of history strives fundamentally to tell a story.

I have worked at the Musée d’Orsay through Princeton in France, studied Nikos Ghikas in Athens with funding from the Princeton Magic Grant, and studied the neuroscience of vision and Zen gardens in Kyoto with funding from PIIRS. I am currently overseeing the writing of Triangle’s annual Spring Show, showing in Whitman Theater the last weekend of April. All-Nighter shows once a month in Frist Theater.

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