Elliot Galvis

Classics, Class of 2021

I’m a Classics major with certificates in Humanistic Studies and European Cultural Studies.

Role(s) held in the Humanistic Studies Program:

Certificate Student, Humanities Mentor

Activities on campus:

Humanities Mentor, Petey Greene Tutor, Students for Prison Education and Reform (SPEAR) Member, and Outdoor Action Leader

Why I decided to study the humanities:

A love for reading, across literature, philosophy, history, and poetry.

What I have gained from the humanities:

I have been able to gain a larger understanding of the influences and legacy of Western art and culture with the passage of time—mostly through the HUM Sequence.

Independent work:

My junior independent projects have looked on different problems of mythography and close reading of literature in ancient Greek texts and their reception. My first junior paper focused on alternate possibilities for cosmogony within Hesiod’s Theogony, and my second paper looks at Neil Gaiman’s penultimate volume of The Sandman as a reconstruction of the myths of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and the Oresteia that challenges the established hierarchies at play within the myths.

HUM Sequence fall break trip:

I went on the fall 2018 trip to Rome through HUM and studied different Mithraea (cult sites for the god Mithras) that became Christian chapels as Rome transitioned from polytheism to Christianity. The goal of the project was to look at how spaces of worship change during shifts in religious ideology. The trip was a uniquely valuable experience that let us experience the city alongside our hardworking and incredibly knowledgeable professors outside of the classroom, and I look back on it as one of the highlights of my Princeton experience.

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