Emma Mohrmann

Art & Archaeology, Class of 2024

I am an Art & Archaeology concentrator pursuing a certificate in Humanistic Studies and Visual Arts.

Role(s) held in the Humanistic Studies program:

Humanities Mentor, Humanistic Studies Certificate Student

Activities I participate in on campus:

The Nassau Weekly, Art Museum Tour Guide, Art at Bainbridge, Running Club

Other experiences I can advise people on:

Bridge year, Art history, visual arts, or anything art related at Princeton

What I have gained from studying the Humanities:

I have loved reading texts that engage with the things that unite us all as humans using beautiful language to express complex emotions. I have also loved experiencing the overlap between religion, literature, history, art, philosophy, and music that has helped me notice new connections in other subjects and in the rest of my life. I have also found the humanities to be a space where I can challenge existing hierarchies that have shaped so much of our society and analyze the inclusion or omission of different POVs. I’ve found spaces where I can engage in productive dialogue with other students, teachers, texts, and can create art about all of these interactions.



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