Hazel Flaherty

Architecture, Class of 2024


I am an Architecture concentrator pursuing a certificate in Visual Arts.

Role (s) held in the Humanistic Studies Program:

Humanities Mentor

Activities I participate in on campus:

Cartoonist for the Daily Princeton

What have you gained from studying the Humanities?

Through the humanities sequence, I strengthened my familiarity with a number of foundational Western texts, learned to closely analyze passages, and became comfortable interacting with my professors. In the past year, I have already applied my knowledge of many Western classics to discussions in other subjects, casual conversations, and post-class debrief sessions. I additionally gained the valuable skill of analyzing and creating claims based on isolated passages. My comfort with this style of writing was useful in most of my classes, and even applied to architectural building analysis papers. Finally, I became much more confident when interacting with professors whose experience with the texts we read I had previously found to be intimidating.

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