Isaac Wills

History, Class of 2023


I am a History concentrator considering pursuing certificates in Near Eastern Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (Arabic), History and the Practice of Diplomacy and Environmental Studies

Role(s) held in the Humanistic Studies Program:

Humanities Mentor, Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows

Activities I participate in on campus:

Religious Life Council, Princeton Christian Fellowship, Princeton Asylum Project (ORL), Club Ultimate Frisbee, Orange Key, Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows

Other experiences I can advise people on:

Novogratz Bridge Year Program (Indonesia, 2018-2019)

What I have gained from studying the Humanities:

To co-opt a metaphor from one of Gandhi’s political treatises, the Humanities are like a banyan tree with its many branches. I’m a student of these branches, and as such, I am firmly rooted in a scholarly tradition that offers exciting, new possibilities for historical understanding and learning through engagement with peer disciplines.


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