Jenna Spitzer

Philosophy, Class of 2017

My name is Jenna, and I am a Philosophy major in the class of 2017 pursuing certificates in Humanistic Studies, Environmental Studies, and Values and Public Life.

I was introduced to the HUM certificate program through the Humanities Sequence, which also led me to discover my interest in Philosophy. Although I had never studied Philosophy before taking the HUM sequence, the course gave me the opportunity, at the outset of my time at Princeton, to consider each realm of the humanities and locate myself in the field that interests me most.

Not only did the HUM sequence enable me to clarify my academic interests, but the certificate program has also given me the chance to couple my interest in the humanities with Environmental Studies. For my capstone course, Revisiting Nation’s Nature, I was able to consider an ‘eco-critical’ perspective on art – see how works of art reveal the relationship between, and perspectives on, humans and nature that existed at the time of their creation. This course offered useful insights that will likely contribute to my independent work, which I expect to involve environmental ethics and how humans understand themselves in relation to their ‘external’ environment.

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