Joel Lande

Associate Professor of German

Joel Lande

(609) 258-6195


217 East Pyne


Joel Lande studies eighteenth- and early-nineteenth century German literature, especially drama, Lande’s interests and competencies reach into other areas of European literature, especially classical antiquity and its various receptions. He maintains an active interest in the German philosophical tradition from Leibniz to Wittgenstein as well as its contemporary Anglo-American and European interpretation. Broadly speaking, his work concentrates the relationship between literary form and transformations in other spheres of knowledge between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.

See full bio on the German website.

Lande will c0-teach in HUM 218/219: Interdisciplinary Studies in Western Culture II: Literature and the Arts, History, Philosophy and Religion in the Spring of 2022. He has previously taught in both HUM 216/217 and HUM 218/219 and co-taught HUM 470: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: How Literatures Begin with Denis Feeney




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