Magdalena Collum

Comparative Literature, Class of 2018

Magdalena Collum

I’m a member of the Class of 2018 from outside Louisville, Kentucky. I play violin in the Princeton University Orchestra and am a member of Princeton Faith and Action and the Aquinas Institute.

I went to a classical high school and came into Princeton knowing I wanted to do the Humanities Sequence (HUM 216-219), but it definitely surpassed my expectations. After some brief and unsatisfying forays into Biology and Economics, I was drawn back to the humanities. My favorite humanities courses thus far have been the Humanities Sequence and Musical Modernism with Simon Morrison (MUS 240).

I plan to declare a concentration in Comparative Literature this spring because I want to combine my love of languages (Latin, Italian, and now French) with my love of literature and music. I plan to write interdisciplinary independent work combining musical and textual analysis (possibly looking at late Medieval songs), and so I hope to complete the Humanistic Studies Certificate as well.

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