Mairead Horton

Art & Archaeology, Class of 2017

Mairead Horton

I’m from North Carolina and I’m in the department of Art and Archaeology, Class of 2017.

On campus, I’m both a tour guide and a member of the Student Advisory Board at the Princeton Art Museum, where I also intern in the Prints and Drawings department. I also co-run the Butler Art Gallery and am a member of the Student Advisory Council for Princeton Internships in Civic Service.

I’ve always loved the humanities, and became interested in them as an interdisciplinary pursuit my sophomore year of high school, when I realized how much crossover there was between my history, English, and art history courses. One reason why I chose to concentrate in art history is because of how interdisciplinary a field it is. I’ve also chosen interdisciplinary certificates, Humanistic Studies and European Cultural Studies. For my independent work this year, I’m focusing on 18th-century British art, particularly representations of female celebrity.

Taking the Humanities Sequence (HUM 216-219) freshman year has made me a lot more confident as a student and independent scholar. HUM was also great because they took a group of us on a trip to Greece the next fall, which was an incredible experience. There are many travel opportunities funded by Princeton – take advantage of them!

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