Moulie Vidas

Associate Professor of Religion and the Program in Judaic Studies; Behrman Professor in the Humanities Council


(609) 258-1909


134 1879 Hall


Moulie Vidas begins his first year of a three-year appointment as a Behrman Professor teaching in the Spring of 2021 in the year-long, team-taught course on “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Western Culture.”

Vidas focuses on the religions of Mediterranean antiquity. His publications include Late Ancient Knowing: Explorations in Intellectual History (2015) and Tradition and the Formation of the Talmud (2014). He is writing a book called The Emergence of Talmudic Culture: Scholarship and Religion in Late Ancient Palestine.

In Spring of 2021, he began a three-year term as a Behrman Professor in the Humanities. He directed the Humanities Sequence for the academic year, 2021-22 and will co-teach a Capstone Seminar in the Spring of 2023 with Joshua Billings.

See full bio on the Religion website.

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