Nati Arbelaez Solano

Comparative Literature, Class of 2022

I’m a Comparative Literature concentrator pursuing a certificate in Humanistic Studies.

Role(s) held in the Humanistic Studies Program:

Certificate Student, Humanities Mentor

Activities I participate in on campus:

Cellist for Sinfonia, Campus Visit Assistant with Princeton Undergraduate Admissions, Service Focus, private cello lessons

Why I decided to study the humanities:

I decided to study the humanities because I am passionate about literature, languages and storytelling.

What I have gained from studying the humanities:

By taking classes that look at the humanities through multiple disciplines (science and classics, literature and journalism), and through long and engaged conversations during seminars, I have been exposed to new ways of thinking about literature. Now, when I read, I can make more connections and appreciate what I’m reading more. I have also gained writing and research skills, and I believe that I am progressively becoming a more independent thinker. I continue to gain skills, confidence and inspiration through the humanities, and that’s why I love studying them!

HUM Sequence fall break trip:

I went to Greece in 2019 with HUM. I looked at the narratives that the Benaki Museum creates through its galleries and how that connects with narratives about national identity in Greece. It was an incredible experience to travel to Greece for the first time, especially having read texts that are part of the country’s cultural patrimony. Traveling to the sites where Ancient Greeks would watch theater or do other daily activities made me experience history and literature in a more personal and concrete way, which then helped me engage more with the texts. It was also interesting to learn about other aspects of Greek history that we had not explored in HUM, as well as experience modern Greece in our surroundings through the food, language and physical spaces.

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