Paul Kigawa

Classics, Class of 2019

I’m a Classics major with certificates in Hellenic Studies and Entrepreneurship.

Role(s) held in the Humanistic Studies Program:

Behrman Society

Activities on campus:

Behrman Society, Business Today, Princeton Sailing

Why I decided to study the humanities:

Princeton has an unrivaled humanities program, with brilliant professors and driven students. Having enjoyed my freshman coursework in the humanities, I was thrilled to join the program as a Classics major and Behrman Society Fellow.

What I have gained from the humanities:

I have been fortunate to gain deeper insight into the study of the humanities through my coursework and a greater appreciation for the program through the perspectives of my peers.

Independent work:

My senior thesis will likely focus on Augustus’ religious and cultural revival during the Principate and the mock archaic airs of cults at the time.

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