Robert Marshall

Philosophy, Class of 2018

I’m Robert Marshall , Class of 2018, a humanities devotee hailing from Sevier County, Tennessee. On campus I am student director of Student Friends of the Princeton University Library – send me an email at if you’d like to join.

Thanks to the legendary Humanities Sequence (HUM 216-219), I have chosen to concentrate in philosophy—having read Spinoza and Plato, how could I have done otherwise? It wasn’t, however, the Plato of the HUM sequence that ultimately confirmed my choice of concentration. Rather, last summer, I was lucky enough to study Plato’s Republic for five weeks in Berlin in a seminar led by Professor Benjamin Morison called “Plato in Berlin.”

My interest in the humanities has also taken me to Greece, once again, thanks to the HUM sequence. This trip put my studies in real context—seeing Agamemnon’s palace and the (supposedly exact) location of a Socratic dialogue allowed me to see, feel, and hear those setting which seem other-worldly when read in class.

Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows

Humanistic Studies Certificate Student

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