Rosina Lozano

Associate Professor of History

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G-29 Dickinson Hall


Rosina Lozano joins the Humanities Council’s executive committee in 2020. She is a historian of the United States with particular focus on the American West, Latino/a/x history, and Comparative Race and ethnicity.

Lozano joined the Princeton faculty in 2013 and has taught courses including: Becoming Latino in the U.S. (Latino History); Urban Latino History; Borderlands, Border Lives; Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the United States; History 500; and a History 400 course called Sound, Immigrants and the American West. She plans to teach courses on: the history of immigration and migration; the undocumented; and race, empire, and education in upcoming semesters. Lozano is a faculty adviser in Whitman College and won the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award in 2019.

Her first book, An American Language: The History of Spanish in the United States offers the political history of Spanish from the end of the U.S.-Mexico War when the Spanish language became a language of politics as Spanish speakers in the U.S. Southwest used it to build territorial and state governments.

At Princeton, Lozano is associated with the Program in Latino Studies, the Program in American Studies (where she is a member of the Executive Committee), the Program in Latin American Studies, the Princeton-Mellon Urban Studies Program, and the PIIRS-sponsored Migration: People and Cultures Across Borders research group. Her current research seeks to explain how two very different groups, Indigenous peoples in the Southwest and ethnic Mexicans have collaborated and clashed with one another across history.

Read full bio on History website.

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