Ruby Shao

Philosophy, Class of 2017

Ruby Shao

My name is Ruby Shao and I am a member of the Class of 2017 hailing from Plainsboro, New Jersey.

I am involved with The Daily Princetonian, Manna Christian Fellowship and Students for Prison Education and Reform; I am also a Community Action leader.

I have always loved the humanities, starting by doodling as a child and devouring novels once I learned to read. I delight in the power of texts. My two favorite humanities courses have been the fall semester of the team-taught Humanities Sequence, HUM 216-217.

I am majoring in Philosophy because I enjoy exploring ideas and possibilities, discussing nuanced issues with the department’s spectacular faculty and other students, and sharpening my analytical skills to help answer important questions about the human condition.

A Francophile since the age of twelve, I am pursuing a certificate in French Language and Culture, along with a certificate in Humanistic Studies. My fall junior paper concerned the mind-body problem, while my spring junior paper will involve philosophy of law and ethics.

I interned in public policy at a Paris-based global think tank, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, after my sophomore year. I report and edit news on campus extensively, so my next article for the ‘Prince’ should come out soon!

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