Sam Bisno

History, Class of 2024


I am considering a concentration in History and pursuing certificates in African American Studies, Humanistic Studies and Latin American Studies.

Roles held in the Humanistic Studies program:

Certificate student, Humanities Mentor, Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows

Activities I participate in on campus:

Junior Editor at The Nassau Weekly, tour guide at the Princeton University Art Museum, active member of the Princeton Democrats

What I have gained from studying the Humanities:

We need culture and tradition to guide us through the world, no doubt. But do I really know that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around? How come we’re so into bloody battles and heroes’ journeys? Why are our politicians generally dishonest? Studying the Humanities has helped me identify the long lineage of thought that informs much of what I take for granted. It has also given me an opportunity to think critically about that lineage: which voices are repressed in our standard understanding of Western civilization and “the canon”? Being able to inherit some good guidance while also recognizing omissions is vitally important if we’re going to build on and reshape culture and tradition—and ultimately become better humans.


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