Sebastian Hayden

Philosophy, Class of 2024

I am considering a concentration in Philosophy and pursuing a certificate in Humanistic Studies.

Role(s) held in Humanistic Studies:

Humanistic Studies Certificate Student, Humanities Mentor, Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows

Activities I participate in on campus:

Ultimate Frisbee, The Daily Princetonian, HUM Mentoring

What I have gained from studying the Humanities:

I have found that the Humanities, and especially philosophy, are rare in that they are subjects I can study without ever doubting the value they bring to my life. As a human being in this world, I know there are certain existential questions I will inevitably face; something as simple as a one-word “why?” can be devastatingly consequential to one’s worldview. The only way to begin to approach such questions is, in my view, to study them—and so, here I am, a student in Princeton’s Humanistic Studies program.




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