Theodore Gross

Politics, Class of 2024


I am a Politics concentrator pursuing a certificate in French Language and Culture.

Roles held in Humanistic Studies:

Humanities mentor

Activities I participate in on campus:

CJL, Chabad, Vote100, Pace Center, Ultimate Frisbee

Other experiences I can advise people on:

MAT 201, MAT 202

What I have gained from studying the Humanities:

Studying the Humanities has allowed me to trace the origins of many of the world’s cultures from their roots and subsequently gain a new understanding of their traditions. Practices of literature, history, philosophy, religion, and art had previously appeared to me as ubiquitous and unchanging elements of human society. After examining each of these traditions’ evolution in Western society, I have gained a more nuanced perspective, learning in what ways these traditions have changed over time and how they can differ across peoples. With this newfound point of view, I can approach contemporary cultures with a better grasp of what separates and what connects us.


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