What Makes Us Human?

Explore our interdisciplinary courses in literature, philosophy, history, religion, music, art, and material culture.

With a long history in transformative, interdisciplinary scholarship and innovative teaching, the Program in Humanistic Studies now offers three distinctive Humanities Sequences: the Western Humanities Sequence, East Asian Humanities Sequence; and the Near Eastern Humanities Sequence. Each year-long course introduces durably influential works of literature, religion, politics, philosophy, music, art, and science. Students come from all divisions of the University, and professors from across the humanistic disciplines; courses are team-taught, and supplemented by special colloquia, events, and study abroad opportunities.

Each sequence follows a tradition over centuries, confronting questions of cultural continuity, rupture, and revolution. Each, too, is open to the others, and to the rest of the world, for no tradition authors itself alone. Students leave with a sturdy foundation for thinking and writing about topics across the humanities. Close collaboration and wealth of shared knowledge means they also join a community of friends and mentors that lasts throughout their Princeton careers.

VIDEO: Student voices on “What Makes Us Human?”

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