Paize Keulemans

Associate Professor of East Asian Studies




212 Jones Hall


Keulemans’ research interests are focused on the interaction between oral and written literature.  His book, Sound Rising from the Paper: 19th-century Martial Arts Fiction and the Chinese Acoustic Imagination (Harvard University Asia Center Press, 2015), pursues this topic from an acoustic angle, investigating the way a plethora of sound effects (onomatopoeia, dia­lect accents, vendor calls, etc.) turn the silent pages of printed novels into a lively acoustic spectacle. His second research project, tentatively entitled, Idle Chatter: The Productive Uses of Gossip and Rumor in 17th-century Chinese Literature, explores the relationship between oral and written literature from a different point of view, the seemingly endless production of printed hearsay, rumor, and gossip in late-Ming and early-Qing novels, short-stories, and opera. Keulemans specializes in late-imperial novels and opera, but his interests also include modern Chinese literature, contemporary Chinese film, Dutch-Chinese interactions from the 17th-century onwards, and the adaptation of China’s great novels such as The Three Kingdoms into video games, the subject of his latest project, Old Novels, New Games: The Concept of Play in Late-Ming and Late-Twentieth Century Culture.

Keulemans’ will be co-teaching HUM 233, East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations with Brian Steininger in the Fall of 2022 and previously co-taught HUM 233, East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations with Brian Steininger  in the Fall of 2019.


For full bio please visit the East Asian Studies Department website.


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