Sample Readings

Fall Semester

  • Aeschylus II, The Oresteia
  • Aristotle, Poetics
  • Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
  • Augustine, Confessions
  • Beowulf
  • Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy
  • Dante, Inferno
  • Dante, Purgatorio
  • Dante, Paradiso
  • The David Story
  • Euripides I, Alcestis, Medea, The Children of Heracles, Hippolytus
  • Genesis
  • Herodotus, Histories
  • Homer, The Iliad
  • Homer, The Odyssey
  • Lark in the Morning: The Verses of the Troubadours, A Bilingual Edition
  • Lucretius, On The Nature of the Universe
  • Marie de France, Poetry
  • Ovid, Metamorphoses
  • Plato, Republic
  • Plato, Symposium
  • A Presocratics Reader
  • Sappho, If Not Winter
  • Sophocles, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone
  • Tacitus, The Annals
  • Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War
  • Virgil, The Aeneid

Spring Semester

  • Alberti, On Painting 
  • Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil 
  • Boccaccio, The Decameron 
  • Calvin, Steward of God’s Covenant: Selected Writings
  • Cervantes, Don Quixote 
  • Césaire, Notebook of a Return to the Native Land 
  • DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk
  • Erasmus, Praise of Folly 
  • Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth
  • Freud, Civilization and its Discontents 
  • Goethe, Faust I
  • Gandhi, Hind Swaraj [Indian Home Rule]
  • Hobbes, Leviathan
  • Hume, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion 
  • Kant, Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals 
  • Las Casas, An Account, Much Abbreviated, of the Destruction of the Indies
  • Machiavelli, The Prince 
  • Marx, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
  • Mill, On Liberty 
  • Montaigne, Complete Essays 
  • Milton, Paradise Lost 
  • Nietzsche, Genealogy of Morals
  • Rabelais, Gargantua and Pantagruel 
  • Racine, Phèdre
  • Rousseau, The Basic Political Writings 
  • Shakespeare, Hamlet
  • Shelley, Frankenstein
  • Tolstoy, Tolstoy’s Short Fiction 
  • Voltaire, Candide and Other Stories 
  • Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
  • Woolf,  Dalloway

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